Mom's Party Box

Every child deserves to be celebrated!

Mom's Party Box

We believe ALL children deserve to be celebrated! When children are placed in Foster Care, it is a whirlwind for children and their foster families. Doctors visits, DCFS visits, family visits, school, acclimation to the new environment and counseling along with the other daily activities, it can be OVERWHELMING! And if you have ever planned a party, you know that a Birthday Celebration can also be stressful. We hope to take the stress away from what should be a joyous day and a much needed time to honor and celebrate childhood.

Why Birthdays?

Well, if you look back at your childhood memories, what are the days that stick out to you the most? Usually, the answer is your birthday. Why? Because that is a day that celebrates you, who you are, the hope for your future, the fact that you are here on this earth and the fact that you are valued and wanted.

Who Are We?

We are a non-profit service project who, along with their children and the community, put together birthday parties that are delivered to foster families through retention specialists who work for Utah Foster Care.

Mom’s Party Box is a group of moms who have set out to teach their children love, compassion, and kindness through service.

Join us at our next service event and help celebrate childhood and help kids feel special on their day!

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